What is the Talking Statues project?

This is an exciting new collaboration between the Friends of Saltwell Park and Newcastle University's Open Lab which aims to bring the heritage of Saltwell Park to life in a new, novel way. By combining the knowledge and passion of FoSP members with new technologies, we hope to make the production and sharing of learning materials about our community's heritage more accessible.

What is Park: Learn?

Saltwell Park's talking statues are built using Park:Learn, an outdoor education mobile app in development at Open Lab. Park:Learn has been designed to allow anyone to easily create and share their own fun learning materials with their local community, using creative activities such as photography, video recording, drawing and map making to enhance the learning experience.

What do I need to get started?

To listen to the statues and take part in other Park:Learn activities, you'll need an Android phone with data access. Roughly 99% of active Android devices are supported. An iPhone/iPad version is planned for later this year.

How do I listen to the statue?

The statue has posters placed near it. The easiest way to start the application is to:

               ○  If you have a QR code reader installed on your phone or your device has NFC, scanning the posters will open a webpage with a link to download the app.
               ○  You might need to log into your Google account and skip adding payment options (Park:Learn is free to download and use)
  • Log into the app using your Google account (your phone likely has this saved already)

  • Click the scan QR code button at the top of the screen (looks like a little magnifying glass in front of a grid) and point your phone at the poster

  • Make sure you have your volume turned up and click the listen button!

What are the location hunt activities?

After listening to the statue, the app can give you a fun way to tour around the park's 12 listed structures. Click start on one to get going and the app will tell you how far away you are from your next goal! If its not working, make sure your device has its location functions enabled in the settings.

What else does the app do?

Check out https://parklearn.com/ to see what else you can do in the Park:Learn app! See what other learning activities people have made, or even try making some of your own."