Friends of Saltwell Park 5 Year Plan

Our 5 Year Plan is being delivered in 3 Groups:

Group A ~ Objective 1 Providing a safe and secure Park

              ~ Objective 6 Improving the facilities of the Park

Group B ~ Objective 2 Working together to maximise partnerships

              ~ Objective 3 Engaging with the whole community

Group C ~ Objective 4 Encouraging and protecting wildlife

              ~ Objective 5 Protecting the Park's rich heritage and gardens

Group A ~ Local Park Watch Scheme

~ We now have a dedicated Police Officer for the Park

~ Cuppa With A Copper - drop in event and more to come

~ Posters / Flyers with contact number on for public to ring

if they see incidents

~ The Friends are becoming the Eyes and Ears of the Park

Group B ~ Music in the Bandstand:

~ 11th June Silver Wind Band 2-4pm

~ 16th July Music in the Bandstand 10am-3pm as

part of Saltwell Park User Group's Love Parks Week

~ Plans for 2018 under development

Group C ~ Talking Statues - for more information click here.

               ~ Saltwell Park Bees - we now have 2 bee hives

in the Park. Please see item below for more information.

Saltwell Harriers Sponsors the Friends

We are delighted to announce that Saltwell Harriers, widely regarded as one of the North East’s best running clubs, has agreed to become a sponsor of the Friends of Saltwell Park. Founded 128 years ago, the Harriers have a strong running tradition, entering races in the Pennines, Lake District and Scottish Borders. In recent years the club has seen considerable growth in numbers and now boasts more than 200 members. Their runners can’t be missed at local events such as this year’s Blaydon Race, where over 100 took part. The club also runs a Spring Series of races at six different park runs in the region, including the one at Saltwell Park. Our photo shows a group of Harriers preparing for one of their frequent runs in the Park. Saltwell Harriers often start races with their battle cry of ‘Hoops’.

Mutual Benefits

The sponsorship will bring benefits to both parties. Saltwell Harriers will be mentioned on the front cover of the Spring 2019 Newsletter as our sponsor and have a quarter-page advertisement inside the magazine. The club is also able to use the Friends’ logo on their documents and feature on the ‘Project’ page of our website. A designated club member will be invited on to the FoSP Committee, which will help the Harriers influence activities in the Park. Friends are also entitled to use Saltwell Harriers’ logo in their literature where appropriate and the sponsorship money will greatly benefit our work in the Park.

Running for Everyone

Saltwell Harriers is a very inclusive club, tailoring training sessions to ensure all abilities are catered for. Members meet for training on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Gateshead Leisure Centre, 6.45 pm for a 7 pm start. On Tuesdays there are five different training groups which not only cover ability but are also tailored to help members achieve their personal ambitions, which could be anything from improving their technique to running fast enough to get a personal best in a race.

Saltwell Harriers held a Family Day in the Park as part of their 125 year anniversary celebrations in 2015 - a great way of thanking families for supporting members with their running.

For more information on the club please go to

Saltwell Park User Group (SPUG)

SPUG is a partnership between all Park users, co-ordinated by Gateshead Council. We all work together for the welfare of the Park. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 10.30am at the Avenue Bowling Pavilion to help tidy up the Park.

Thank you to everyone who comes to help! We look forward to meeting you.

All welcome to our next one! If you would like to know more about these events please contact us

Saltwell Park Bees

Tyneside Bee Keepers are working with the Friends of Saltwell Park to bring Honey Bees to Saltwell Park. Eventually we hope to produce Saltwell Park Honey.

The Bee Keepers brought a hive of bees to the Park on 16th July for our SPUG (Saltwell Park User Group) day of activities to celebrate Love Parks Week.

In late October 2017 a bee hive was put into Saltwell Park within the Bird Feeding Area beside the Avenue Bowling Pavilion. A second hive was introduced in November. We ask anyone who passes there to keep an eye on it and let us know if you think there are any problems, thank you. These hives are being monitored remotely.

For more information please contact us.

Komatsu City Friendship Garden

It was agreed to start a working group to tidy up the Komatsu City Friendship Garden (the "Japanese Garden") to return it to its original splendor.

Work started in early 2016. There are now new posts in place to shore up the terraces in the garden, the cobbles in the rockery "waterfall" are now cemented in, new white gravel has been distributed and a huge amount of weeding and planting done, the area really looks lovely. If you would like to help us keep this beautiful garden area tidy then please contact us.

Salte Welle Planting

There are 2 areas on either side of the Salte Welle which the Friends of Saltwell Park have planted out and are now trying to keep them tidy and weed free. We should be proudly looking after the area which has given its name to Salt Well Park. If you do not know where this Well is then please buy a Heritage Leaflet from Saltwell Towers and use it to help you find it ... or you could also just ask someone in the Park to show you where it is!

If you would like to help us with looking after this area then please contact us.

Saltwell Park Model Boat Club

Model boats have a long history of sailing within Saltwell Park and meet regularly to sail their

models on the Park lake (Saturday and Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.

The Gateshead Model Yacht Club was formed in 1886 and models have been using

the lake off and on ever since. For more information click here.


Sadly Thrive has had to close their Gateshead operations in Saltwell Park, from 31 July 2017. This decision was not taken lightly but in the current, challenging funding environment it became increasingly difficult to deliver the charity's core aims sustainably.

Their legacy: Grow and Learn Programme - 14 young students with special educational needs attained a City & Guilds qualification in Practical Horticulture; worked with Veterans to create the Garden of Reflection (this will continue to be maintained by Thrive volunteers); worked with the Stroke Association, the local authority and Big Local amongst others, and delivered horticultural therapy programmes around the region, improving lives through the reduction in social isolation, building confidence and imparting new or improving skills.

Thrive will be sadly missed in Saltwell Park by all who knew them, including the Friends of Saltwell Park who have worked closely with Chris Tait and Thrive for the 3 years Thrive has been located in the Park. For more information about the work of Thrive in other areas please visit their website.